Workplace Chair Massage

As a perk, reward for hard work, incentive to go above and beyond or simply a morale boost; chair massage in the workplace will benefit your company in many ways. The relaxing and energizing effect of a short therapeutic chair massage will give your employee the energy to perform better during their workday. Pains from sitting at a computer, poor posture, holding a telephone for long periods of time and other repetitive movements will slow you down on the job and cause unnecessary absenteeism. Your company will reap the benefits of a more energized and less frazzled employee. 

We are very flexible and have many different corporate options. We will work with you to determine which pay option is best for your business, whether you want to provide this perk for your employees, partially subsidize this perk or have the employees pay entirely for the convenience of a chair massage at the workplace.

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We provide

Certified Massage Therapists
License and insurance
Massage equipment and supplies
Relaxing music
Mood lighting (when appropriate)
Aromatherapy (when appropriate)


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